How to setup Node.js and React CLI on Windows

Step 1: Download Node.js

Download the latest release of Node.js from: Nodejs downloads page. I have downloaded Node.js for Windows 64-bit and the filename is: node-v8.9.3-x64.msi

Step 2: Install Node.js for Windows.

In Windows Explorer, locate the downloaded Nodejs .msi file. Double-click the .msi file. A set of screens will appear to guide you through the installation process. This will install Node.js and Node Package Manager (NPM) on your machine.

Step 3: Verify Node.js Installation

Type the following commands to check the versions of Node.js and NPM
$ node -v
$ npm -v

Step 4: Install React CLI

React Command Line Interface (CLI) is the easiest way to create new React projects. To install it, execute the following NPM command:
$ npm install create-react-app -g


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